Monday, October 4, 2010

Research Coordinators Training

I'm in Research Coordinators Training right now. Yes, right now. You can see how much I'm paying attention. I started the training with sarcastic tweets. However, I had to slow those down because at the rate I was going the battery on my BB was going to be dead by lunch time. Then lunch rolled around. And I'm no longer pretending to pay attention. I turned my laptop on and that's what I'm using. I know how to do research and I know how to coordinate. I feel like I'm in a remedial class. Did you know specific aims are specific? And a protocol needs to be written so anyone can follow it? Yesiree!! Right now a woman is going through the computer system for submitting stuff for IRB approval. All the buttons you push, the steps you go through on the computer. Let me be clear, every single step in the IRB approval, renewal, modification process.  Even if I used this software system - which I don't - I wouldn't remember any of this. I'd have to learn it as I do it. Right now my distraction techniques are keeping me awake - they should be happy I'm only paying 5% attention. Which was enough to enable me to ask one question this afternoon, more than most people here. I promise to update you on this exciting training later today or tomorrow - I have one more day of this.

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