Cast of Characters

Always in flux!
Current Players
  • Geeka - coffee fairy, wonderful friend made in grad school
  • DH - my fluffy, way too intelligent, large, tuxedo ragdoll. He has intermediate feline cardiomyopathy but it doesn't slow him down.
  • Setta - a tortie, half mini. She's half the size of DH. She's on the other end of the intelligence spectrum. But she tries really, really hard.
  • Boss - current boss of my permanent position
  • BIL - brother-in-law
  • Sis - sister, yeah, I know that's a hard one to figure out.
  • The NewCen - the new Center I'm currently working in
  • The Grant - I am essentially the program director for this grant, even though that's not my official title.
  • Grant2 - The second grant I work on, my role is much smaller but I love what it's about.
  • OnlineU - Second job, adjunct science professor. Absolutely love it. I think teaching is my calling and my gift.
  • Fiance or S - kind of self explanatory
  • Kiwi - the former psychotic boss, head shaved to look like the fuzzy fruit
  • Omate - my office mate, we started out in separate offices but were moved together after I had worked at the NewCen for about a year. She is responsible for the name of this blog
  • Frazzle - PI in the NewCen who's hair is always all over the place, also on The Grant
  • Lawset - PI in the NewCen who on The Grant
  • LONR - Land of No Reception. Where Sis and BIL live. There is NO cell phone reception.

Infrequent/Past Players
  • The Center - the old center where I completed the last years of my doctoral work
  • FD (Fisherman Dude) - close friend who earned his PhD in the same lab as me, graduated a couple years after me.
  • Loverboy - Kiwi's bestest friend, idolizes him. Went from student to postdoc.
  • Blondie - 1st GSR to infiltrate my old office space