Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fun at the Theatre

Last night S and I went out with Omate and her husband to the theatre. We have season tickets to a local university's productions. They're college students but really, really good. And the tickets are cheap. This one was a comedy. What made this particular one fantastic and created the need for me to blog was one of the characters. He was crazy hillbilly with a scraggly beard, overalls, and a very strong southern twang. When he talked and told stories his eyes got all buggy and crazy looking. He was frickin hilarious. So why did this particular character make my day? He looked like LB. And to picture him ending up like that, well, it gave me perverse satisfaction. Crazy and broke. Sounds mean, but you have to know the situation. I know Geeka understands.

It was great. And made the show even funnier.

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