Saturday, October 15, 2011

Office Baby Showers Are Bad

Be warned, this is a venting post.

People are popping out babies at a ridiculous rate around here. Which is fine, as long as it's not me. Don't get me wrong, I love kids. I just want to be able to send them home when I'm done; I'll be the BEST Aunt in the world. My furry family keeps me busy enough (not to mention the Fiance who can be like a kid).

For the latest pregnancy, a coworker decided to have a baby shower for her. Here's the thing, I don't want to go. I know her only to say "Hi, how are you doing?" in the hallway. I don't even know if she has other kids. I think invitations like that are inappropriate and not to mention rude to the people who had babies the past two years and didn't get a baby shower at work. If I was one of those people who didn't get one I'd be hurt. I also don't like that they made a point to state (more than once I might add) where this woman registered. Not to mention she's worked here a little over a year and two of the women who didn't get one have worked here for many years.

I apologize to those who think baby showers at work are fine, but I'm entitled to my opinion. Just because people get along at work and are friendly doesn't mean they're really friends, and for me baby showers are for friends and family. I don't like them at work. After trying to find a legitimate way to get out of this one, well, I've decided to lie. I'm not proud of it, but it's better than being in an awkward situation for over an hour. And spending money on someone I don't really care about. I have better things to do with my sparse money. Like spend it on my furry family, which just got bigger. I'm going to have a meeting in another building (code for I'm going out to have lunch and hide).


  1. Amen, sister!

    I am a pet mom too. Always have been, always will be. People stopped asking Husband and I a long time ago about kids. We are a great Aunt and Uncle to our five nieces, two nephews and four godchildren.

    I find the Office Shower thing kind of arrogant. It's kind of "Look at me, I need to feel special at work." No thanks. Showers are fine, but do them on your own time.

  2. I hate office baby showers, birthday celebrations, wedding showers, etc. I prefer to keep my friendships out of the workplace.

    The only kind of celebration that I find appropriate in the workplace is the retirement party, because that's acknowledging the time a person spent with her colleagues in the workplace.